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Client Alert: Are You Ready for GDPR on May 25?

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What Is GDPR?

GDPR refers to the General Data Protection Regulation, which will go into effect on May 25, 2018. It is a sweeping regulation governing the processing and protection of data regarding persons in the European Union (EU), which may include citizens, residents, or persons otherwise located in the EU.

GDPR is concerned with personal data, which includes both data that directly identifies an individual, such as a name or email address, and data that can be used indirectly to uniquely identify an individual, such as a birth date, a zip code, GPS location data, or device information.

Why Should My Organization Care About GDPR?

GDPR applies to any organization that controls or processes any EU personal data in connection with its business, regardless of size, quantity of data, or where the organization is located. Therefore, GDPR will apply to you if you:

The potential penalties for non-compliance are high. In addition to regulatory fines, there may be collateral costs and damages, such as audit costs, increased data processing costs, and negative publicity.

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We Can Help You

Please contact us if you will be affected by GDPR, and would like assistance in evaluating whether your organization is compliant.


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