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Law360 Recognizes Barack Ferrazzano as a 2019 Illinois Powerhouse

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Barack Ferrazzano is one of five firms recognized by Law360 as a 2019 Illinois Powerhouse in "Illinois Powerhouses Sprout National Clout From Chicago Roots."

With work across multiple practices and industries, including as a key adviser to luxury goods conglomerate LVMH in its partnership with pop icon Rihanna on her new Fenty fashion line, as well as legal counsel to First Busey in its $261.3 million acquisition of The Banc Ed Corp, Barack Ferrazzano helps to shape clients' business and growth on a global scale.

Managing partner Howard J. Kirschbaum told Law360, "We didn't want a huge firm; we wanted a great grow with clients...and we're not going to change that philosophy."

Click on the following link to read Law360's feature on Barack Ferrazzano as an Illinois Powerhouse:

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