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Rob Shapiro Discusses Significance of President's Recent Executive Actions Aimed at Curbing Gun Violence

Barack Ferrazzano partner Rob Shapiro was interviewed on CLTV News prior to President Obama's Guns in America Town Hall Meeting but following his recent Executive Actions, which bypassed Congress, on the issue of gun control.

Rob noted most people want to see gun violence diminished but they do not agree on the means of achieving this objective. Those who oppose the President's Executive Actions might see two glaring problems: First, procedurally, it should be up to Congress and local legislators to determine gun control measures, and, second, substantively, the issue is not that guns kill people, people kill people, thus guns are necessary for self protection. Rob opined there is too much politics involved in this issue and we must think long term and build a grass roots effort for gun control.

Overall, the Executive Actions are mostly symbolic because unless another Democrat is elected, they will most likely be reversed or held up for years in litigation. These symbolic issues can, however, get the grass roots effort up off the ground.

Click here to see Rob's interview on CLTV.


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