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Rob Shapiro Discussed Supreme Court Cases on CLTV’s Politics Tonight

Barack Ferrazzano partner Rob Shapiro was interviewed on CLTV Politics Tonight to discuss various Supreme Court cases recently highlighted in the news. Among them were cases involving who benefits from union funds and the new iteration of the travel ban.

Rob goes more in depth discussing the recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the U.S., mentioning parties both immediately in favor and against the decision, along with how reactions developing over time can result in many different consequences. Another case examined was the matter of bakeries choosing who to deny their services. Rob comments on the clash of 1st amendment rights, free speech vs marriage, as well as the difficulty in predicting the outcome of such a case.

The interview is segmented by a commercial break.
Click here to view part one and here for part two of Rob's interview on CLTV.


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