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BF Discovery is an eDiscovery company affiliated with our law firm. We provide eDiscovery services to clients as part of a fully integrated team of lawyers and paralegals within the law firm of Barack Ferrazzano, not as a third-party vendor. Recently, we made the transition from an on-premise version of Relativity to a cloud-based version of Relativity named RelativityOne that will lead to a reduction in expenses for our clients. In addition to efficiencies gained by working hand-in-hand as part of the case team, our pricing structure is straightforward and cost-effective.

Why BF Discovery?

Cost-Efficient. Combining state-of-the-art eDiscovery technology with experienced technology consultants can lead to significant cost savings.

Uniquely Experienced. BF Discovery is affiliated with a law firm, so we understand how to support attorneys.

Supportive. We provide clients with an on-demand full-service eDiscovery team.

Customization. All clients are looking for ways to shrink their eDiscovery spend. BF Discovery knows how to help clients achieve this goal on matters with a wide variety of budgets and requirements. Our integration within teams at Barack Ferrazzano gives us better insight than traditional vendors into how eDiscovery fits into the overall litigation budget and strategy.

With BF Discovery, your tailored eDiscovery process is seamlessly integrated with your outside counsel – a win-win for everyone. For more information, please contact:

Chris Bojar
T. 312.629.5174

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