BFKN’s Real Estate Disputes Group has successfully addressed nearly every sort of risk, threat, and dispute that might arise involving real estate and related issues. Our litigators often work closely with BFKN’s renowned real estate attorneys to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to each client’s unique objectives.

High-stakes real estate disputes have been a key part of BFKN’s litigation practice since the firm’s inception. We have extensive experience guiding our clients and protecting their rights on issues including:

Acquisition & Ownership

Our attorneys regularly counsel clients and champion their rights in pre- and post-closing disputes. We have handled numerous cases involving the enforceability of sales agreements, the rights under and limits of indemnification provisions, and disputes between owners over their respective obligations and control.

Development & Liens

Many of BFKN’s clients are successful property developers across the country, while others are owners of high-end industrial and commercial space. We help these clients navigate the numerous challenges that often arise when properties are developed and improved, from dealing with difficult contractors and resolving liens to addressing disputes and workouts with lenders.

Property Management

Our attorneys often help owners and property operators resolve management disputes with tenants. Conversely, many of our tenant clients count on us to help them assert their rights against management. Because we know both sides well, we are uniquely suited to provide effective representation in this area.

Commercial Leases & Eviction

Both landlords and tenants trust BFKN to handle a wide range of commercial lease disputes. BFKN represents some of the world’s most significant retail tenants in high-stakes disputes concerning premier locations. Sophisticated landlords similarly turn to BFKN to help them with tenants that aren’t complying with lease obligations. We also frequently help tenants protect their rights against less professional landlords who place tenants at risk in condemnation and foreclosure proceedings.

Commercial Mortgage Foreclosures & Guaranties

BFKN has a long track record of success pursuing commercial mortgage foreclosure claims and deeds-in-lieu on behalf of banks and other lenders against borrowers, guarantors, and mechanics lien claimants. We employ strategies to minimize the effect of tactics that borrowers and guarantors often attempt to try to delay the proceedings.


Many of the country’s premier REITs have long relied on BFKN to defend and enforce their rights. BFKN understands the unique challenges REITs face when dealing with property operators, and we know how to protect REITs when they are forced into disputes.

Debtor/Creditor & Bankruptcy

BFKN has extensive experience in debtor/creditor litigation with real estate components. We often help clients navigate the complex leverage issues that arise in such circumstances. And when bankruptcy becomes a factor, BFKN’s real estate litigators work with its Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights Group to provide comprehensive representation and counseling.

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