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Contact us to help develop a training program tailored to the specific needs of your board of directors.

Consistent with their "heightened expectations" guidance, bank regulatory agencies continue to emphasize the need for boards of directors of certain banks to establish and adhere to a formal and ongoing director training program, both at the bank and holding company level. Regardless of size or complexity of operations, all bank regulators expect that all banking organizations adopt similar standards.

Essential Training Topics

Your training program should be tailored to fit your directors' knowledge and experience, as well as your bank's risk profile. Training sessions should cover the following topics:

  • Products, services, lines of business and risks that may significantly impact your bank;
  • Applicable laws, regulations and supervisory expectations; and
  • Other relevant topics identified by your board.

Establishing a program and properly recording its contents in minutes of meetings can help your directors better comport with their fiduciary duties and help to mitigate the evolving risks your bank will face.

Click any of the links below for more information about some of our director training programs, including:

We Can Help You

For years, we've helped our clients by developing and conducting training programs essential to their boards of directors, often in conjunction with management and internal compliance. These sessions are tailored to fit the client's schedule and can be conducted on-site, telephonically or online via webcast.

Please contact the attorneys listed, which include former regulators and examiners, if you require assistance in establishing a director training program or would like us to conduct training sessions.


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