Every bank has trademark and intellectual property issues. Here are a few easy things that should be done to protect your trademarks and ensure your compliance with updated laws and regulations:

Website Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions

  • Legal review of your websites' privacy policies, terms and conditions and DMCA safe harbor provisions to make sure they are up to date.

Competitor Websites

  • Reviewing your competitors' websites to make sure that they are not infringing any of your trademarks.

Web Search Results

  • Searching your company and bank marks on Google and Yahoo! and reviewing the results to make sure that your competitors are not infringing any of your marks through SEO advertising.

Employee Agreements

  • Reviewing your existing employee agreements to make sure that all confidentiality and restrictive covenants are up to date.

Company Website

  • Reviewing your own website to make sure that your trademarks are properly marked with the Registered (®), Trademark (™) or Service Mark(SM) symbols.

Trademark Portfolios

You can transfer your existing trademark portfolio over to us for maintenance. We have brand new state of the art docketing software and we can take over docketing your trademarks at no additional cost. Having us docket them also helps when putting together IP schedules for corporate transactions, security agreements, etc.

We Can Help You

Please contact any of the key contacts listed below or another member of the Firm, if you have any questions or would like additional information concerning these issues.

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