Christian Dior has signed Yara Shahidi as its newest global brand ambassador and the face of its women's fashion and cosmetics lines. 

Earlier this year, Shahidi worked with Dior for International Women's Day on the design house's second installment of Dior Stands With Women, the female-led education and empowerment initiative created by the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. For the initiative, Shahidi appeared in portraits and videos talking about her personal journey with activism. 

"What we know to be true is that so many young women aren't given the space to be heard consistently, to feel as though people are genuinely taking the time to understand what they're saying," Shahidi said in her video. "And so when I go in to fight for what I blieve is right, or what I believe is crucial to a certain project, I think there are many times that women - and it's only exacerbated if you are a woman of color - tow the line between being viewed as assertive and driven or aggressive. And it is important and requires constatnt conversation even for me to know that my being assertive, my being driven and my being committed is not something to ever be ashamed of." 

BFKN advised Christian Dior with respect to Screen Actors Guild issues related to the ambassadorship. BFKN's team was led by Corporate & Securities and Fashion, Luxury & Retail Group chair Daniel L. Dominguez, and attorney Kaitlyn E. Kelly.

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