On Thursday May 6, Barack Ferrazzano Financial Institutions Group partner and Regulatory Section Leader John M. Geiringer joined The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park to discuss the Nuremberg trials and their ongoing importance.

The modern laws of war were developed in reaction to war crimes committed by the Nazi regime. Those atrocities, among others against civilians, were brought to the world’s attention at the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in Nuremberg, which occurred 75 years ago. John Geiringer, a partner at Barack Ferrazzano law firm and a Co-Director of the Consortium for the Research and Study of Holocaust and the Law (CRSHL) at the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Center for National Security and Human Rights Law, placed the IMT in historical context and discussed how it led to the laws of armed conflict that we have today.

For more information about The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park, visit: https://www.fdmuseum.org/

John Geiringer is a nationally recognized banking attorney who advises financial institutions on regulatory, governance, and investigative matters. John regularly provides focused training sessions to boards and management on a wide range of legal and risk management topics.

The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park

The First Division Museum is a tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve to protect America’s freedom. At the First Division Museum, be immersed in the history of the U.S. Army’s famed 1st Infantry Division. Be captured by the sights, sounds and soldiers’ stories from the First World War through modern times. Visitors can encounter, question and form their own views of our military past and present. Watch and learn as the history of our nation’s military conflicts unfolds in this distinctive museum to be enjoyed by the whole family. Outside, explore the iconic tank park featuring 100 years of armor. The museum and grounds were fully renovated in 2017.

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