Tuesday, October 6, 2020

8:00 AM-2:00 PM CDT
Virtual Experience

Barack Ferrazzano is a sponsor of the Illinois Bankers Association's BankTech Conference, in conjunction with the Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin Bankers Associations. This day-long virtual event features industry leaders and innovators in the FinTech space, including Barack Ferrazzano Financial Institutions Group partners Stanley F. Orszula and Brent McCauley, as speakers to help banks identify products, services, and potential partnerships with FinTech companies while considering risk factors in the development of FinTech strategy and associated processes.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS): Expand Your Bank’s BaaS Platform and Grow Your Bank Safely and Soundly
Tuesday, October 6 | 11:05-11:30 AM
Stanley F. Orszula, Partner
Brent McCauley, Partner

A strong Banking-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) program allows banks to grow. However, FinTech bank regulator experience varies and regulatory requirements and expectations are evolving. Learn how to develop, maintain, and grow your BaaS platform; integrate the regulatory and legal framework into agreements with FinTechs; and work with the bank’s regulators to ensure a functional, compliant BaaS platform. The presentation also shares five key considerations to make your BaaS platform successful.

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