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Barack Ferrazzano & ACLU of Illinois Obtain Six-Figure Settlement on Behalf of Transgender Student Who Sued School District for Discrimination

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In Danu v. Lockport Township High School District 205, ALS No. 19-0011 (Ill. Human Rights Comm’n), Barack Ferrazzano and the ACLU of Illinois filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination by Lockport Township High School District 205 against a former student who is transgender. In December 2020, the parties finalized a settlement in which the District agreed to pay $148,000 to resolve the lawsuit. The lawsuit arose from Ms. Danu’s claim that the District unlawfully denied her full and equal enjoyment of school facilities consistent with her gender identity. The settlement adds to a growing body of favorable settlements and court and administrative decisions affirming that, as set forth in the Illinois Human Rights Act, schools must permit transgender students the same use of school facilities as enjoyed by non-transgender students.

Barack Ferrazzano, on a pro bono basis, partnered with the ACLU of Illinois to bring the case on behalf of Ms. Danu. Barack Ferrazzano’s team was led by Litigation Group partner Andrew E. Nieland along with associate Michael J. B. Pitt. They were honored to play a part in helping Ms. Danu obtain a just result in her case, which they hope will help protect the rights of transgender students throughout Illinois.

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