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Rob Shapiro Weighs in on San Bernardino Mass Shooting & Act of Terrrorism Classification

Barack Ferrazzano partner Rob Shapiro was interviewed on CLTV News to provide his commentary on the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California on December 1, 2015, which has now been declared an "act of terror." During the interview, Rob discussed the factors the U.S. government may consider when classifying an event as an "act of terrorism," including if there was any connection to ISIS, Al Qaeda or another terror organization, if the act was well-planned and  any motive that can be determined from the attack. Also discussed in the interview were the distinctions between this event and the recent mass shooting in Paris, France. Though both attacks involved a certain level of planning, Rob explained the major distinction is the Paris attack had clear ties to the Islamic State and direct involvement/connection to individuals trained by ISIS, whereas the southern California shooting appears to be self-initiated and a case of home-grown terrorism. Rob stated the California attack shows the increasing need for vigilance because of the difficulty to spot activities of home-grown terrorists and the possibility of copycat attacks occurring in the future.

Click here to view Rob's interview on CLTV.


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