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Givenchy New York Show Will Be Open To The Public

When Riccardo Tisci's showing of his Givenchy collection opens on September 11th in New York City, the general public will be a huge portion of his audience.  Twelve hundred real people will attend along with the usual industry crowd.  The show contains elements of complexity in that it sends a message of resilience and humility.  Since it is on a very delicate date for America the show is going to be a "celebration of family and love," Tisci said in June.  The show could be a "one-time wonder" or it may usher in an era of consumer attendance, a rarity in the fashion show system, for years to come.  

Barack Ferrazzano attorneys Karyn Doerfler, Dan Dominguez, Amy Koenig and Amy Reilly negotiated several complex contracts on behalf of Givenchy in regard to this show. The Firm is pleased to be associated with such innovation in the fashion industry.  To read more about the upcoming show click here.

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