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Shermin Kruse on "Back on the Beat" Podcast on WCPT Radio

Barack Ferrazzano Partner Shermin Kruse appeared on WCPT Radio's "Back on the Beat" podcast. The "Back on the Beat" podcast is a podcast devoted to social, local and political talk hosted by Dick Kay, former NBC5 political commentator. During the podcast, Kruse discussed her emigration from Iran as a child, the development and influences of her novel Butterfly Stitching and the past and current situation in Iran. Kruse also elaborates on social media's effect and use in Iran and comparisons of life in Iran to the Western world, including the state of women's equality in the U.S.

Kruse is an avid writer and a contributor for The Huffington Post. She served as a columnist for Chicago Lawyer magazine for many years, advising attorneys on achieving a balance between success in the law firm and their personal lives. Kruse's first novel Butterfly Stitching was published in May 2014, and is now available on Amazon.

To listen to Kruse's interview on the "Back on the Beat" podcast, click here.


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