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Half Stack Highlights - Interview with Butterfly Stitching's Shermin Kruse

BFKN partner and Butterfly Stitching author, Shermin Kruse, was interviewed by Jen Lezan for Halfstack Highlights, a blogcast dedicated to showcasing the latest in indie talent, business and creative opportunities. The interview exhibits Kruse's personal journey in the development of Butterfly Stitching, her debut novel. They discussed how the ideas and stories correlate to Kruse's real-world experience of growing up in the turbulent environment of wartime Iran, as well as her advocacy for women's rights and the need for cultural awareness of human rights around the world.

Kruse is an avid writer, and a contributor for The Huffington Post. She served as a columnist for Chicago Lawyer magazine for many years, advising attorneys on achieving a balance between success in the law firm and their personal lives. Butterfly Stitching, Kruse's first novel, was published in May 2014, and is now available on Amazon. Kruse has done numerous interviews and book club discussions and continues to speak on the culture and relations between Iran and the United States.

To listen to the full interview on Halfstack Highlights, please click here.


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