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In the Community

Barack Ferrazzano is strongly committed to community service through its BFKN Foundation.

The BFKN Foundation was created in 2005 to facilitate the firm's goal to become more active in the community and dedicate time and resources to those most in need of our support. Through the BFKN Foundation, the firm is involved in community programs that provide our professionals and staff with opportunities to positively impact the lives of the less fortunate.

Sharon Krista McAuliffe School

From 2005-2011, the firm partnered with the Sharon Krista McAuliffe School, a Chicago inner-city pre-K through sixth grade school.  McAuliffe School has approximately 1,000 students, roughly half of whom live below the poverty line.

Our ongoing partnership with the school is organized around four annual events:

Restorative Justice Program

The firm also provides volunteers and financial support through the BFKN Foundation to the Restorative Justice Program in Chicago’s public high schools. The Restorative Justice Program, which is administered by the non-profit organization Alternatives, Inc., assists high schools with establishing peer jury programs as an alternative to traditional, more punitive discipline. Students trained by the Restorative Justice Program present and defend cases to a jury of their peers, which determines an appropriate resolution. Throughout the year, firm professionals and staff volunteer to meet with and advise students who have taken on leadership roles in the program.

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